• Exchange PM (Usd) to WMZ (Usd) (Instant Exchange)
  • Exchange WMZ (Usd) to PM (Usd)(Instant Exchange)
  • Buying BTC (BitCoin) via WU , MG & PKR (Instant)
  • Buy/Sell Perfect Money & WebMoney in Western Union & Money Gram
  • Manual Exchange Services PZ < MB < PP < PM & WMZ |
  • Buy/Sell PM & WMZ in PAKISTAN . Also Buy Mobile Cards via PM & WMZ (Only for PAKISTANI)

Welcome to SBXchanger.com !

SBXchanger is an E-Currency Exchanger. We offer automatic and manual exchange services for customers . Our service is to exchange your money from any of the available payment processors to another payment processor of your choice for a small fee.

We intend to be the best exchanger and offer you a stress free experience. You can Buy & Sell PerfetcMoney (PM) , WebMoney (WMZ) , Bitcoin (BTC) & OkPay (OP) via Western Union (WU) & MoneyGram (MG) . Additionally, Soon we will be able to allow you to Buy and Sell E-Currencies with bank wire (PM & WMZ & BTC & EPAY).

Our automatic system for exchange PerfectMoney, Webmoney, ( PM > WMZ / WMZ > PM ) allows to complete your order within seconds because the whole process is fully automated from the beginning to the end.

Concerning manual exchange services ( PM > | PM > MB | PM > PP / WMZ > EPAY| WMZ > MB | WMZ > PP ), the process is the same but your order will be completed manually by our team. Manual Exchange are usually completed within 24 to 48 hours .

Our mission is to ensuring highest customer satisfaction by providing best online E-Currencies Exchange, Buy and Sell services to the clients.

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  • BitCoin

  • OKpay

  • PerfectMoney

News Updates

Welcome to SBXchanger.com
  • We have added Ethereum(ETH). We are glad to announce that the service SBXchanger.com started to exchange Ethereum(ETH). Sale and purchase of Ethereum . Please contact us via Yahoo & Skype Or Support-Email.
  • Instant Western Union (WU) / MoneyGram (MG) Pickup available 24/7 . Please contact us via Yahoo & Skype Or Support-Email.
  • Dear clients , We have added new payment method name Epay . Now you can enjoy Buy/Sell/Exchange Epay on SBXchanger. (New)
  • Dear clients , We are Officially Partner of Epay.com . Now you can Buy/Sell/Exchange of Epay on SBXchanger at @Best Rates. (New)
  • We decided to remove EGOPAY currency , As you know, Egopay has difficulties and is not functioning normally. Now we dont exchange anymore EGOPAY . Thank you!
  • Dear clients , We are Officially Partner of eCoin.eu . Now you can Buy/Sell Vouchers/Codes of eCoin on SBXchanger at @Best Rates.
  • Dear clients , We have added new payment method name eCoin.eu . Now you can enjoy Buy/Sell Vouchers/Codes of eCoin on SBXchanger.
  • Dear Clients , We are happy to announce that We added " SSL " bar in our Website in order to secure your browsing , orders and protect from Spamming. Thank you!
  • Dear clients , Now you can place Sell order (PM & WMZ & BTC) by Automatically , For place your Sell Order you can visit this link ; http://sbxchanger.com/sell.html (New)
  • Sell your Skrill (MoneyBookers) funds for WU & MG & PKR .
  • Buying BTC (BitCoin) via WU , MG & PKR (Instant) (New)
  • We dont accept PAYPAL funds , We are selling PAYPAL funds only .
  • All orders completed within 12 to 24 hours . If you want to ask any Question. Please contact us via Yahoo & Skype Or Support-Email.

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    Today Cash-Out Rates
  • WebMoney (WMZ)
  • 98 PKR
  • PerfectMoney (PM)
  • 97.5 PKR
  • Skrill (MB)
  • 90 PKR


    Dear Clients , Now we are Certified Exchange Partner of PerfectMoney you can check via this link .


    Thank you .

    You can Buy / Sell : WMZ & PM in PAKISTAN ( Fast & Lowest Rate )

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